The Best Way to Market Your Officiant Service

We will market your service on your behalf and place you ahead of your competitors. We don’t supply leads; instead, we provide actual couples with wedding dates who are ready to marry.

To prevent wasting time, simply utilize our system to verify your availability. You have complete control at Simplemarriages and can quickly accept or decline any booking.

There are no monthly fees, advertising expenditures, or upgrade prices. We process all customer payments, and once you’ve made a confirmed booking, we’ll deduct a reasonable fee and deposit the difference in your account in a safe and secure manner. Every week, your earnings are immediately deposited to your bank account. Register today, and we will contact you with additional information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How does Simple Marriages compare with sites like WeddingWire, Thumbtack, TheKnot, etc.?

To begin with, SimpleMarriages does not charge any fees. We pay you for every wedding booking you make with us, and you can still book weddings on your own.

How soon after the booking can I get paid and, how can I find out how much I’ll get paid?

Getting paid should be a key part of why you choose SimpleMarriages as an alternative to those other guys. As a result, we make tracking your earnings as straightforward as possible.

Every Friday, we pay for all bookings that were fulfilled between the previous Friday and Thursday. You have access to our backend, where you may check the status of all of your bookings.

What are the requirements to use SimpleMarriages?

You must be legally authorized to perform wedding ceremonies and be willing to provide us with a copy of your authorization, such as your ordination certificate if needed.

What if I’m not sure of something or need help?

When you first join, we will connect you with a mentor who will assist you as much as possible. When you come into an issue, simply go to our resource page or contact them, and they will provide you with any help you need.

Can I be listed on SimpleMarriages and other websites?

Yes. You certainly can. As long as you keep a positive profile with us and maintain a review score of least 4.0, and you do not represent SimpleMarriages when officiating ceremonies outside of our platform.

Are more officiants needed?

Yes, many courts have been closed due to the pandemic, and couples are unable to marry in their local courts. As cities reopen, there will be long lines for couples to marry, and on top of that, many couples who postponed their wedding will be eager to marry.
There are numerous opportunities to start a business that is both important and exciting.