Here are 4 reasons why an Elopement ceremony is a good alternative.

Elopement is an awesome alternative for couples who want to break out of the traditional way of getting married! It’s perfect if you simply want to have an intimate ceremony and do something different for just the two of you and a few really close friends.

Here are 4 reasons why you eloping as a good alternative.

1.    Adios stress & anxiety

Besides the family dramas, planning a wedding is stressful. There’s the matter of who to invite, and who to leave out. Someone will be MAD! There are some many parts to a formal wedding, that even with a professional wedding planner; you will be pulling your hair out, when your main concern should be each other, and your special day.

But if you’re going to elope, then you can just talk to your officiant and sit back & relax, you don’t need to stress any of that if you’re eloping!

2.    Party the way you want to.

This is in no way intended to exclude your family and friends from this beautiful event. You should celebrate with your loved ones. Have a party either after the ceremony or when you return! It just does not have to be a full-blown wedding reception. Most people are ok with it if that’s what you want. The important thing is to celebrate YOUR DAY!, YOUR WAY!

3.    Get married wherever your heart desires

Your home, the park, the beach, on a mountain, Heck, you can even get married in a New York City Pizzeria if that’s what you want. That’s the beauty of eloping; anywhere you can fit 5 people you can get married. Sometimes you might have to ask for permission, but all that is needed is the couple, two witnesses, and an officiant.

Getting married is really all about you two coming together as a couple. When you elope, you decide on whatever you want to do, and spent your time and money on what’s important for the both of you.

  1. Save a Bunch!

When you add it all up, the ceremony, the reception venue, the photographer, the wedding planner, flowers, decoration, DJ, and so on. The cost of a formal wedding is really big. The money you spent on a traditional wedding could easily be used towards deposit on a house, a lavish honeymoon, or something else worthwhile for both of you.

The point is you don’t need to invite all those people and spend so much money to celebrate what up to now has probably been a very personal love affair. And No guest list means more money in your pocket for what’s really important.

After a few years of officiating all types of weddings, from at home pajama weddings to extravagant destination weddings, I can honestly say that I personally found the small intimate weddings to be more romantic, and fun.